About Taiwan......
    Taiwan island, situated in the Western
Pacific Ocean about 160 kilometers(100miles)
from the southeastern coast of the Chinese
mainland and located about midway between
Japan to the north and the Philippines to the
south, is a natural gateway for travelers to and
within Asia.
    Named by Portuguese traders in 1590 as
Ilha Formosa (Beautiul Island), Taiwan is
famous for its beautiful scenery: Yangming-
shan National Park, Sun Moon Lake, Kenting
National Park, and Taroko Gorge, etc. from
north to south. The island is also blessed with
many fine beaches,the more popular of which
inclue Yenliao, Fulung, Green Bay, and
Chinshan in the north.Kenting and Oluanpi in
the south,as well as the fine natural beaches
    The national language is Mandarin Chinese,
though other dialects are also spoken. Many
people can speak some English.
    Taiwan's climate is subtropical, with
average annual temperatures of 22¢J¡]72¢K¡^in
the north and 23¢J¡]75¢K¡^in the south.
summers, which last from May through
September, are usually hot and humid with
average daytime highs from 27 to 35¢J¡]81 to
    With its population now exceeding
millions, Taiwan has become one of the wor
most densely populated places. Except for
approximately 325,000 aborigines, the peo
of Taiwan originate from the Chinese mainland
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
  Majestic marble monument surrounded
by landscaped gardens, placid ponds;
popular gathering place. Location of Na-
tional Theater and Concert Hall. A ground-
level library dislays photos and mementos
of the late president's life.
    Education has always been a top priority in
Taiwan. Currently Taiwan is undergoing a
massive educational erform to meet the needs
of the twenty-first century.It is anticipated that
the nine-year compulsory education will be
extended to ten years and the number of higher
education institutes will be expanded from 58
to 80 by the year 2000.
Mathematics Education
    Mathematics is one of the most important
subjects in the elementary school and high
school curriculum. High school students in
Taiwan engage in many activities related to
math, for example the annual national "science
exhibition" and mathematical competition.
Gifted students also attend international
activities such as "International Science and
Engineering Fair","Invitational Science Fairs",
Yangmingshan National Park
    This massive mountainous Park on the
outskirts of Taipei has waterfalls, volcanic
craters, hot springs, and abundant wildlife.
Cherry and azalea blossoms in spring and
cool, fresh air in summer are added attrac-
tions. Hiking trails, picnic and recreation
    Wulai is an aborigine enclave where
visitors can witness the traditional dances
and ceremonies of Taiwan's Atayal tribe or
enjoy the beautiful waterfall cascading
through lush vegetation. About an hour's
drive south of Taipei.
National Palace Museum
   World's largest collection of Chinese art,
spanning China's 5,000-year history. Treas-
ures from the ancient imperial collection
inclued jade, porcelain, paintings, bronzes,
and more. Pieces on display changed
regularly. Tea room, gift shop, gardens,
pavilion. Daily guided tours in Chinese and
English languages.
Confucius Temple
   An excellent example of traditional Chi-
nese architecture and immaculately land-
scaped gardens. A lovely, serene place to
relax or chat with frineds.