Mathematical Experiment 9

       The basic commands contained in the packge Geometry are draw and detail.

       To create geometric objects, use the following function calls:

circle, conic, dsegment, ellipse, hyperbola, line, parabola, point, segment, square, triangle.

  1. Draw the triangle with vertices located at the points A(1,2),B(1,3),C(2,4) together with its circumcircle.
  2. Draw the circle given by the equation
  3. x2-2x+2+y2+4y = 0.
  4. Draw the parabola given by the equation
  5. y2+12x-6y+33 = 0.
  6. Draw the conic passing through points (1,2),(2,3),(-1,2),(0,2),(1,1).
The following functions relating to a triangle are supported:
    1. Points of interest: GergonnePoint, NagelPoint, centroid, orthocenter.
    2. Lines of interest: EulerLine, ExternalBisector, SimsonLine, altitude, bisector, median.
    3. Circles of interest: EulerCircle, circumcircle, excircle, incircle
    4. Others: AreConjugate, AreSimilar, IsEquilateral, IsRightTriangle, PedalTriangle, area, medial, method, sides
Commands related to the circle:

Appolonius, AreOrthogonal, CircleOfSimilitude, Equation, RadicalAxis, RadicalCenter, TangentLine, area, center, powerpc, radius, similitude

Construct this with Maple: