Mathematical Experiment 1

Solve the equation [Maple Math] .

Solve the system of equations [Maple Math]

Solve the system of equations [Maple Math]

Find the numerical approximation of tan(1.2)+tan(3.4)

Find the numerical approximation of [Maple Math] calculatiing with 17 digits.

Solve the equation [Maple Math] numerically.

Compute [Maple Math] .

Define the square function f:=y->y^2 and then simplify the expression f(sin(x))+f(cos(x)).

Construct a function g:=(x,y)->x*y of two variables that defines the multiplication of two numbers.

Compute the derivative of sin(x)/(1+x).

Compute the 4th derivative of sin(x)/(1+x).

Compute diff((x+1)/(x*y+1),x$2,y$3).

Compute the indefinite integral int(cos(x),x).

Compute the indefinite integral of cos(x) from 1 to 2 and then find its approximate value.

Find the limit of [Maple Math] as x approaches 0.

Solve the differential equation [Maple Math]

Solve the linear recurrence [Maple Math]

Draw the graph of sin(x) for x from -6 to 6.

> plot(sin(x),x=-6..6);

[Maple Plot]

Draw the graph of [Maple Math] for x from -2 to 2, y from -2 to 2.

> plot3d(x^2-y^2,x=-2..2,y=-2..2);

[Maple Plot]

Draw the curve whose equation in polar coordinate is cos(t)+cos(2*t) for t ranging from 0 to [Maple Math] .

> plot(cos(t)+cos(2*t),t=0..2*Pi,coords=polar);

[Maple Plot]

Draw the graphs of [Maple Math] and [Maple Math] ranging from 0 to [Maple Math] together .

> plot([3*cos(t),2*sin(t)],t=0..2*Pi);

[Maple Plot]

Draw the curve given by the parametric equations [Maple Math] .

> plot([cos(10*t),sin(11*t),t=0..2*Pi]);

[Maple Plot]