Summer Session 7
July 25


For a plane curve (x(t),y(t)) its curvature is given by
k |x¢y¢¢-x¢¢y¢
The quantity
is called the radius of curvature. The point (xc,yc) with coordinates given by
xc = x- (x¢)2+(y¢)
y¢, yc = y+ (x¢)2+(y¢)
is called the center of curvature. The circle with center (xc,yc) radius r is called the osculating circle or the circle of curvature. The center of curvature (xc,yc) lies on the normal of the curve at the point (x,y): the line segment joining (x,y) with (xc,yc) is perpendicular to the tangent at (x,y).

Construct the line segments joining points of the curve with the corresponding center of curvature for each of the following: the nephroid, the astroid, the deltoid and the cardioid.

Construct an animation displaying the various positions of the osculating circle of the following curves:
[Maple Plot]

The lemniscate of Bernoulli: (cos t  / (2-cos2t), sin t cos t / (2-cos2t))

The curve (5 cos(t)2 + sin(2 t), 3 cos(3 t) - sin(4 t))

The spiral: