Constructions with Compasses Alone@

Bowditch Curve




Ellipse Constructed with Eight Circles


Osculating Circle of the Nephroid

Osculating Circle of the Cardioid

Osculating Circle of the Deltoid

Osculating Circle of the Astroid

Constructing Astroid

Constructing Deltoid

Constructing Nephroid

Constructing the Cardioid

Regular Pentagon

Deltoid and 3-Cusped Epicycloid Envelope

Intersection of a Line and a Circle

Peaucellier's Linkage

Fermat Point

Center of a Circle

Arc Bisection

Dividing a Cirlce into Four Equal Parts

Square Constructed from One Side

Square Constructed from One Diagonal

Circles Enveloping Nephroid

Sylvester's Rotator

Linkage Drawing the Ellipse


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