Dynamic Geometry

Oct. 4, 1999    CYCU

e-mail: jcchuan@math.nthu.edu.tw

What is Dynamic Geometry?
What sort of computing environment is needed?
How does the Internet help Dynamic Geometry grow?
Does it have a long history?
Are there mathematically interesting topics covered?
Can we perform "polynomial interpolation" using geometric construction?
How to construct a "conic section" using the ruler alone?
How can "epicycloids" and "hypocycloids" be doubly generated?
Can 3D pictures be drawn?
How can curves be drawn with the "linkage"?
Do we really need Calculus to construct the "osculating circle"?
Are there mathematical phenomena that can NOT be described with words?
What is "Steiner's porism"?
What is "Poncelet's porism"?
Given two points, can we construct their midpoint using the compass alone?
Where to find out more about Dynamic Geometry?