Mathematical Experiment 15

Construct these Borromean rings.

Construct the "corkscrew" given by [cos(u)cos(v),sin(u)sin(v),sin(v)+u].

Construct the graph of the function f(u,v) = u2v4 as (u,v) ranges over the unit disk.

Construct Scherk's Fifth Surface given by

Construct the pseudosphere given by

Construct the crosscap given by
[cos u sin(2v), sin u sin(2v), cos2v - cos2u sin2v]

Construct the Ennerper's Surface given by
[u - u3/3 + uv2, v - v3/3 + vu2, u2 - v2]

When a cube is rotating about its main diagonal, describe the region wiped out by the cube.